Roger Darricarrere 1965 Stained Glass, Los Angeles

Roger Darricarrere 1965 Stained Glass, Los Angeles


A once in a lifetime opportunity to own this monumental stained glass ceiling done by Roger Darricarrere (1915-1984) in 1965 for the Columbia Savings Bank in Los Angeles. Darricarrere is considered the modern master of stained glass done in the Dalle de Verre style. He would form Dalle (blocks of glass) glass and carefully place the pieces in a concrete surround. This particular ceiling measures 36' x 36', for a total of 1,300 square feet. It is in superb condition and ready for a restaurant, boutique, hotel lobby, theater, etc. Darricarrere won the medal for best artwork at the 1964 World's Fair in New York. He pioneered the Dalle de Verre style in the United States, helping to popularize the technique. Installations such as this one is a once in a lifetime.

H 432 in. x W 432 in. x D 2 in.

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